Automatic Magnetic Drilling Machines

CS Unitec's automatic magnetic drilling machines include automatic feed, stop and reverse. 

What is an automatic magnetic drilling machine? An automatic magnetic drilling machine is a type of magnetic drill that completes either mostly automated or completely automated drilling with annular cutters. Automatic mag drills maintain constant, consistent pressure without relying on the drilling skills of the tool operator. On the Automab 350 & Automab 450 there is no need to adjust speed or gears, and on the MAB 825 V, MAB 845 V, and MAB 1300 V only minimal input adjustments are needed. An automatic magnetic drill can be used for drilling holes in steel and other ferrous metals like a standard magnetic drill.

  • Continuously optimized drilling pressure to extend annular cutter life
  • Increased productivity: 1 operator can run multiple machines
  • More holes per annular cutter for reduced cutting tool cost
  • Significantly reduces the chance of core drill breakage
  • Manual drilling modes available on all models
  • Morse Taper spindles available

Increase hole production and reduce your consumable cost.

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AutoMAB 350 Automatic Feed Portable Drilling Machine

Automatic Feed - Forward & Reverse

  • Cut holes up to 1-1/2" dia.
  • Power feed automatically controls drill pressure
  • Automatic feed mechanism with automatic stop and automatic reverse
AutoMAB 450 Magnetic drill

Automatic Feed – Forward and Reverse

  • Cut holes up to 2" diameter
  • Two speed gearbox: 250 / 450 RPM
  • Twist drilling up to 3/4" dia.
MAB 825 V & MAB 845 V Portable Magnetic Drill

Automatic feed - ideal for production applications

  • Cut holes up to 4-1/16" dia.
  • Twist drill up to 1-1/4" dia.; Tap up to 1-1/8"
MAB 1300 V Automatic-Feed Portable Magnetic Drill

Holes up to 6" dia., tapping up to 1-5/8" dia.

  • Cut holes up to 6" dia.*
  • Twist drill up to 1-3/4" dia.; Tap up to 1-5/8"
  • Up to 10" depth of cut
  • Magnetic holding strength of 23,600 lbs.
  • Optional automatic feed