Magnetic Drills for Pipe - PipeMAB Magnetic Drills

CS Unitec’s NEW PipeMAB magnetic drills are a game changer for pipe drilling, tapping, reaming and countersinking. With a patented swivel magnetic clamping system our PipeMAB magnetic drills easily secure and maneuver on pipe, flat and curved surface as thin as 9/64”. Pipeclamps are also available for drilling in non-ferrous materials and similar.


  • Easily attaches to pipe over 3" OD, curved and flat surface saving time and effort
  • 2 permanent magnets for strong clamping force even on thin material
  • Save on cutting tooling costs with elongated tool holders and variable speed/torque available
  • Swing arm design allows the machines to swing away for hole inspection, debris removal and adjustment

Contact our magnetic drilling specialists for assistance with your pipe drilling application: 1-800-700-5919 or 203-853-9522. You can also ask them a question here.

Pipemab 200 mag drill for pipe teaser image
  • Drill On Pipe 3" OD & Larger
  • Drills holes up to 1-3/8"
  • Patented shallow field magnetic technology
Pipemab 525 mag drill for pipe teaser image
  • Drill On Pipe 3" OD & Larger
  • Drills holes up to 2-1/2"
  • Reversible, Tap up to 15/16"
  • Variable Speed & Torque
  • Patented shallow field magnetic technology
Magnetic Drill Pipe Adapter MAB 485 Application Teaser Image
  • For secure drilling of pipes with magnetic drills
  • Clamp drill on pipes from 3-1/4" to 20" dia
  • 2 Sizes available
Annular Cutters
  • Achieve burr-free finished holes, without predrilling or stepdrilling
  • Diameters from 7/16" to 6"
  • Depths up to 10"
  • Custom sizes available

Wide variety of portable magnetic drill accessories

  • Clamping devices and vacuum plates
  • Geared chuck adapters
  • Tap holders and tapping collets