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Tools for Metalworking

CS Unitec offers an extensive line of portable metalworking power tools to perform operations ranging from weld grinding and surface finishing on steel, stainless steel, aluminum sawing, drilling and hole making to coatings removal, and more.

Available in electric, pneumatic and hydraulic models, our portable power tools are ideal for a wide range of applications in fabrication, commercial construction, marine, bridge, pipeline and process industries. Our power tool line includes portable magnetic drills, annular cutters, portable beveling machines, portable band saws, reciprocating saws, hacksaws, dry cutting circular saws, linear and angle grinders, portable deburring machines, pipe sanders and more.

For more information on our metalworking tools and accessories, call 1-800-700-5919 or contact us with any questions.

Metalworking Tools for Surface Preparation and Surface Finishing, including drills, annular cutters, saws, angle grinders, beveling machines, sanders and polishers.

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