Needle Scalers & Chisel Scalers - Low Vibration Demonstration


Low Vibration Concrete and Metal Scalers

Our needle scalers and chisel scalers are high-powered and low-vibration which allow for greater productivity and operator comfort in concrete, masonry, metalworking and other industrial surface preparation applications. Convert between needle and chisel in seconds. Optional dust shrouds and drop protection available.

  • Vibro-Lo™ models have integrated vibration reduction technology that enables the tools to operate with 8x less vibration than standard models. Vibration damping components offset the hammer vibration when the tool impacts the workpiece, reducing the risk of vibration related injury and allowing users to work longer and faster with less effot.
  • Vacuum System needle scalers equipped with an integrated dust shroud for dust-free work when used with an industrial vacuum.
  • ATEX-Certified models for use in hazardous areas and EX Zones.
  • Standard needle scalers with inline, pistol and semi pistol grip

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