Hydraulic Power Units

Delivers up to 8 GPM @ 2000 PSI

Model P95-Hydraulic Power Unit
Model P95-Hydraulic Power Unit

Portable and compact, the P95 Power Unit is easy to operate and simple to maintain. It is ideal for use with our hydraulic power tools. The P95 is designed for heavy duty operation in construction, industrial, marine and other industries.

The Hydraulic Power Unit is available with gas, electric or diesel engines. Contact us for more information.


  • Rugged construction
  • Easy to move with lift and latch handle
  • 18 HP gas engine

  • Delivers 5 gpm or 8 gpm at 2000 psi

  • Electronic Throttle with two power modes: Automatic Control senses working load and adjusts to tool demand and returns to idle when load falls below threshold. Always-On maintains constant engine speed at all workloads.

  • Easy servicing with access to parts and removable upper frame

  • All-electric control system with fully sealed and potted rotary switches

  • Quartz hour meter records engine time

  • Hydraulic pump is mounted directly on engine to insure alignment and long life of drive coupling

  • In-tank hydraulic filter continually cleans and refills hydraulic fluid

  • Easily accessible 35 Ah, non-spill, no-maintenance battery

  • Automatic pressure lubrication system keeps bearings bathed in oil with automatic low oil level off switch

  • Conforms to HTMA Type 1 and Type 2 tool circuit recommended performance as well as the 5 HP heat rejection capacity recommendation

P95 Hydraulic Power Unit (Gas Engine)

Output Capacity

5 or 8 GPM

19 or 30 lpm


2000 PSI

140 BAR

Circuit TypeOpen Center
Fuel Capacity

7 gallons

26 liters

Hydraulic Resevoir

3 gallons

11 liters

Weight (Wet)

330 lbs.

150 kg






54.6 cm



73.7 cm


Briggs & Stratton
18 HP Vanguard

HosesNot included - specify when ordering. 25', 50' and custom lengths available.