Concrete Floor Grinders

Concrete Floor & Surface Grinders are the best tools to efficiently level and prepare concrete, asphalt, and stone, while removing coatings, epoxies, paint, traffic lines, and more. High-quality materials and powerful components enable CS Unitec’s advanced floor grinding machines to quickly level high spots and prepare new coatings. Select models include: water supply for wet polishing and quick release plates for an easy changeover of abrasives.
Our walk-behind floor grinders are electric and gas-powered, and available with seven- and ten-inch cutting widths. Ergonomic controls help maximize performance and user comfort, and reduced torque steer aids operator handling. Angled vacuum extraction ports enable dust and debris collection, which contributes to a cleaner and safer work environment.
Contact our concrete specialists for assistance with your concrete application: 1-800-700-5919 or 203-853-9522. You can also ask them a question here.