Underwater Cutting Tools | Subsea Cutting Tools

CS Unitec offers a full line of underwater cutting tools to assist with the most demanding offshore, subsea, and topside cutting operations. Our products provide fast, efficient, and reliable solutions for underwater cutting while increasing safety as the top priority with available safety triggers, D-handle, chain breaks and secure magnetic and manual clamping systems.

With both air and hydraulic powered tool solutions, we offer a diverse range of equipment to fit your application.
Our specialized subsea cutting technology is ideal for use in diving, marine, ROV, water utilities, offshore, construction, repair, and demolition applications. CS Unitec’s underwater cutting solutions maintain a tough exterior that can hold up at depth and under pressure.

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Pipe Cutting Machine

Portable cutting of pipe up to 96" dia.

  • Pneumatic and hydraulic power
  • Cut pipe up to 96" dia. with wall thickness up to 2"
  • Ideal for use in water utilities, pipe line construction, marine, petrochem, power generation, and demolition applications.
Hydraulic Portable Hacksaw

Hydraulic motor with lever throttle

  • Cut pipe up to 30" OD in one pass
  • 2-3/8" stroke for heavy-duty cutting
  • Fully-sealed pistons and gearbox – safer for use in nuclear power plants, sensitive jobsites and underwater
Hydraulic Reciprocating Saws

Subsea, mining, utility and construction applications

  • Operates on 2000 PSI / 6 GPM hydraulic oil
  • Use hand-help or with a clamp
Hydraulic Band Saws

Heavy-duty mining, utility, marine and construction applications

  • Deep cutting capacities of 4", 7" and 9" OD
  • Hydraulic band saw machine for construction, demolition, mining and underwater applications
  • Portable - fast on-site cutting hand-held or with a clamp
 Hydraulic Chain Saw with Brake Model 5 1030 xxxx
  • ATEX Certified
  • Hydraulic chainsaw motor, heavy duty chain saw for underwater and industrial applications
  • 11", 15", 17", 21", 25", 28", 40" cutting capacity
  • Oiled by two separate lubricating systems
underwater pneumatic chain saw 4hp

Series 5 1008

  • Powerful underwater pneumatic chainsaw with 4 HP motor for cutting wood, polyethylene and plastic
  • Heavy duty pneumatic chainsaw blades 17", 21" and 25" cutting capacity
  • Includes exhaust valve
7-1/2" dia. Heavy-Duty Hydraulic Circular Saw

7-1/2" Hydraulic Circular Saw

  • Hydraulic
  • For Underwater and Universal Use
  • 2-1/2" depth at 90°
  • Miter Up to 45°
  • ATEX Certified
12-5/8" dia. Heavy-Duty Hydraulic Circular Saw

Part No. 5 1127 0010

  • Hydraulic
  • For Underwater and Universal Use
  • 4-3/4" Max. depth of cut
  • Cut Up To 3/8" thick Steel Plate
  • ATEX Certified
Underwater Hydraulic Grinders
  • Horizontal, vertical, angle and die grinders
  • Twist throttle and level throttle
Portable Hydraulic Magnetic Drills

Ideal for marine and construction - works underwater

  • 2 models
  • Holes up to 4" dia.
  • Twist drill up to 1-1/4"

Air-powered fail-safe permanent magnet

  • ATEX Certified for use in hazardous environments and Ex zones
  • Cut holes up to 2-1/16" dia.
  • Twist drill up to 5/8" dia.
  • No electricity required
Hammer Drills

Powerful percussion drilling for concrete and masonry

  • Pneumatic and hydraulic
  • SDS Plus and SDS Max
Woodboring Drills

Heavy-duty power for underwater drilling and other wood boring applications

  • Ideal for drilling wood in marine timbers, underwater use and railroad repair work
  • 1", 2" and 3" models
  • Lever throttle and durable spur gearing

Ideal for use with with hydraulic power tools

  • Delivers 5 GPM or 8 GPM
  • Easy to move
Air Tool Accessories
  • Inline oilers
  • Whip hoses
  • Whip checks
  • & more