Diamond Drill with Water Cooled Bits Demonstration

Diamond Core Drill with Water Cooled Bits

This mini diamond drill with water-cooled bits (CS Unitec model END 712 P) drills perfect holes from 5/32" to 3/4" diameter in tile, natural stone and concrete. Fast, accurate and reliable for drilling anchor and thru holes.

END 712 P is a new high-speed diamond drill for dowel, anchor and thru holes in tile, natural stone and concrete. There is no shock or hammering. It drills precise holes, even in hard ceramic "gres" tiles and granite. It is ideal for gravestones, countertops, plumbing and other masonry applications.

The END 712 P offers the following advantages:

  • Water-cooled diamond bits have long life
  • Drills without shock; eliminating cracks and blow-out
  • Easy bit changing with "click and go" keyless chuck
  • Built-in water swivel with hose connection and valve
  • Variable 0-8000 RPM, for easy starting... fast drilling
  • Depth gauge for drilling blind holes for anchors, etc.
  • Optional centering aids allow precise drilling and includes adapter for connecting a vacuum cleaner
  • Optional water recylcling vacuum (Model CS 2000) and wet/dry vacuum (CS 1500) available

Learn more here about our END 712 Diamond Core Drill

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