Clamping Devices

  • ZBS 100 Drilling Pillar
  • ZST 300 Vise
  • Drilling Pillar with drill
  • ZBS 100 dimensions
  • ZBS 100 Drilling Pillar
  • ZST 300 Vise
  • Drilling Pillar with drill
  • ZBS 100 dimensions


A true advance in magnetic drilling technology: The new clamping system MOBIL CLAMP can be used to convert a magnetic drilling machine into a bench drill.

Extends applications the portable magnetic drill can handle. Ideal for parts that previously could only be drilled in the workshop - they can now be machined on site. MOBIL CLAMP makes it possible to drill, countersink, ream or tap small parts, since these can be mounted into the quick clamping device.

With the mounting of a magnetic drilling machine onto the surface of the vice and the susequent activation of the magnet, you will have a versatile, stationary drilling machine in next to no time. The magnetic drilling machine becomes a multi-purpose machine: wether large or small applications, flat or high, with the twist drill or the reamer, everything is possible. A stable support, designed for the MOBIL CLAMP clamping device, ensures the correct working height and a comfortable and reliable operation.

ZMC 300 Base Stand


Item No.Jaw WidthQuick-action Clamping Jaw
ZMC 1804" (100mm)3.15" (80mm) clamping width
ZMC 300Base stand for clamping device

Drilling Stands and Vise for Hand Drills

Industrial drilling pillars for commercial hand drills with 43mm chuck journal diameter. Optimum stability by cast base plate combined with a pillar top of the MAB series. Versatile usability by a drill vice with 4" (100mm) jaw width (special accessories). Screws for slots are available for additional security under higher loads (special accessories).

Working stroke 9" - 17" (230mm - 425mm)

Hand Drill Devices

ZBS 100 Drilling Pillar
Drilling PillarVise
Item No. ZBS 100Item No. ZST 300
 Vise jaw width: 4" (100mm)
Vise clamping range: 4" (100mm)
Screws for T-Slots – Order No. ZTN 100
Hexagon Nut with Collar – Order No. ZSM 100

Magnetic Drilling Pillar

For hand drills with 1-11/16" collar diameter and 7" stroke

Item No. MBS 300

Drill not included