MAB 825 KTS Portable Magnetic Drill

Versatile machine with adjustable X and Y positioning

  • MAB 825 KTS Portable Magnetic Drill
  • MAB 825 KTS diagram
  • MAB 825 KTS adjustable base - forward/backward and left/right
  • MAB 825 KTS Portable Magnetic Drill
  • MAB 825 KTS diagram
  • MAB 825 KTS adjustable base - forward/backward and left/right

  • Features
  • Safety
  • Accessories
  • Powerful and reliable
  • Designed for continuous use
  • Multi-axis positioning
  • Ideal for a wide variety of drilling, boring and slotting applications
  • Servo-assisted drilling to help maintain feed pressure during operation
  • Integrated cutting oil reservoir
  • Automatic internal lubrication
  • SafeMag™: Green/Red LED magnetic force indicator for safe operation
  • CoolMag™: Magnet overheating protection
  • Simple, ergonomic arrangement of controls for one-handed operation
  • Emergency-off function: electronic safety sensor shuts down drill motor if magnet loses contact with material to protect operator and equipment
Learn more about the special features and integrated safety of our magnetic drill line.

Max. Hole
Twist Drill
Maximum hole diameter
Maximum twist drill diameter
Tapping capacity
Motor Power
Motor Speed
portable magnetic drill with multi-axis positioning
Ø 3-1/8"
Ø 1-1/4"
Ø 1-3/16"
16 Amp
110 Volt
Multi-axis positioning - adjustable up to 4-3/4" forward/backward and 4-3/8" left/right after magnet is adhered to surface.

  • MAB 825 KTS Specs
  • Standard Equipment
  • Accessories
Motor Power16 Amp / 110 Volt
Weight99 lbs.
Hole Capacity3-1/8" dia.
Twist Drill Capacity1-1/4" dia.
Tapping Capacity1-3/16" dia.
Milling Capacity up to 5/8" dia. at 1" depth
Speeds40-110, 65-175, 140-360, 220-600 RPM
Magnet Base Size8-11/16" L x 8-11/16" W
Dimensions19-3/4" H x 13" L x 14-1/2" W
Magnetic Force
(1" plate)
6,600 lbs.
Arbor Bore3/4" and 1-1/4" standard
Automatic LubricationIncluded
1 Magnetic drilling machine
1 Steel carrying case†
1 Safety chain
1 Drift key MT3 (Order No. 5301)
1 Operating manual
1 Warranty certificate
Standard Equipment also includes auto lubrication, safety strap, carbin hook and allen keys.
† Steel case intended mainly for shipping purposes; damage may occur in transit
Optional 3/4" geared chuck available - Part No. IBC 21
Part Number:Description: 
ZSF 316Chuck Collet Tool Holder Set with Case
  • MT3 collet holder with threaded adapter piece
  • 15 collets for shank diameters 1/8-5/8" (3-16mm)(Tolerance +/- 0.002mm)
  • 2 collet tightening spanner wrenches
ZSF 316 - End Mill Holder