Low-Vibration Needle Scalers Help Restore the USS Pampanito

Low-vibration needle scalers from CS Unitec allow for safer, more efficient descaling under demanding conditions.

More than 10 million workers are at risk of serious vibration-related injury ("HAVS" – Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome) from using old-fashioned, high-vibrating tools. Trelawny Vibro-Lo™ needle scalers from CS Unitec utilize vibration damping for 8x less vibration than standard models, greatly alleviating serious hand-and-arm vibration injuries. Workers can complete a full 8-hour shift before reaching maximum daily recommended vibration exposure levels, compared to just 10 minutes with traditional scalers.

Case Study: Restoring a Historic Submarine

The USS Pampanito was once a cog in the USA’s crucial World War II submarine fleet, personally responsible for sinking six Imperial Japanese ships and damaging four others. The sub is now a national landmark, serving as a museum and memorial docked in San Francisco's Fisherman's Warf. It's being restored to its summer 1945 condition by a team of volunteers.

One of the crew's most common tasks is descaling rust and removing degrading coatings from the main deck and vintage parts. Using conventional inline needle scalers for hours of time was an arduous task that led to fatigue and discomfort. Switching to VL203 Vibro-Lo™ needle scalers made for much more comfortable operating conditions:

– Noticeably less vibration and operator fatigue

– Pistol grip design allows for more comfortable handling, especially in tight spaces

– Cold air exhaust is routed away from the operators' hands

– Quieter operation

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Read how reducing needle scaler vibration is helping to more efficiently restore the USS Pampanito. 

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