Magnetic Portable Milling Machine: MAB 825 KTS

MAB 825 KTS Portable Milling Machine and Drill

CS Unitec's MAB 825 KTS Portable Magnetic Milling Machine is ideal for fabricating-(slotting, keyhole, gauge insets, etc) steel engineering, and more. Available with multi-axis x,y positioning this drill can be utilized for many milling, slotting, and drilling applications. This versatile tool is a great addition to any fabricator's arsenal. For End Mills up to 5/8" dia., Drill up to 3-1/8" dia., Tap up to 1-3/16" dia. Twist drill and ream up to 1-1/4" dia. 10" stroke length.

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Equipped with an adjustable X,Y table, reversible, 4-gear, variable-speed, 16-Amp motor, the MAB 825 KTS is designed for continuous use and is great for milling, tapping, twist drilling, reaming and countersinking. Offers a magnetic holding force of 6,600 lbs. on 1" plate. Equipped with automatic internal lubrication, plus advanced safety features such as an electronic safety shutoff sensor, emergency-off function and magnetic force indicator.

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