EZR 24 R R/RL - Dual Paddle Mixer

Save time & reduce fatigue with double paddle hand-held mixers

  • Mixer EZR 24 R R/RL
  • Mixer EZR 24 R R/RL Set Application
  • EZR 24 R R/RL Paddle Rotation
  • Mixer EZR 24 R R/RL
  • Mixer EZR 24 R R/RL Set Application
  • EZR 24 R R/RL Paddle Rotation
  • Now with 20% more torque!
  • Clockwise/counterclockwise paddle rotation with no paddle change out needed
  • Blade rotation eliminates counter-torque
  • Easy to handle, even while mixing the most demanding of materials
  • Frame bumpers for increased drop protection
  • Mix up to 5 bags / 25 gallons / 3.3FT3 / 200 pounds of high-viscosity materials
  • Up to 1200 lbs. output per hour
  • Ideal for high-viscosity materials

  • Specifications
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  • Paddles
  • Paddle Rotation Info
Model No.EZR 24 R R/RL
Capacity5 bags, 25 gal.
Outputup to 1200 lbs./hour
Power (110V AC)14.5 Amp / 1800 W
Free Speed670 RPM
Load Speed180-440 RPM
Weight15 lbs.
Included Paddle PairP/N 31630000
(4-1/2" Dia. Paddles 8-1/2" Overall Width)

Optional accessories include 25GP-WD stand and P/N 32339000 adapter

Paddles for EZR 22 R/RL P/N 31610000

For EZR 24 & EZR 23 Mixers

Order Paddle Set Part No. 31630000

For Legacy EZR 22 Mixer
Order Paddle Set Part No. 31610000

EZR 23 R/RL Paddle Rotation

Counterclockwise rotation pushes material from the top to the bottom, reducing splashing when mixing low-viscosity materials such as paint, glue, filler and leveling compounds.
Clockwise rotation pulls material from the bottom to the top, reducing air inclusion and efficiently mixing heavy products such as flooring compound, epoxies, mortars, fiber-filled cements, ceramics, granulates, pastes and putties

No Paddle Change Over Needed When Switch Directions!