Most Powerful Portable Magnetic Drill: MAB 1300

The Portable Magnetic Drill With The Largest Capacity In The Industry

The MAB 1300 from CS Unitec is the world's most powerful magnetic drilling machine. Drill large holes up to 5-1/8" in diameter. Tap up to 1-5/8" dia. Twist drill up to 1-3/4" dia.

Equipped with a reversible, 4-gear, variable-speed, 20-Amp motor, the MAB 1300 is designed for continuous use and is great for tapping, twist drilling, reaming and countersinking. Offers a magnetic holding force of 23,600 lbs. on 1" plate. Equipped with automatic internal lubrication, plus an electronic safety shutoff sensor, emergency-off function and magnetic force indicator for safe operation.

Learn more about CS Unitec's MAB 1300 Portable Magnetic Drill's specifications.

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