Needle and Chisel Scalers for Scaling Concrete and Metal - Remove Paint and Rust

CS Unitec's line of Genuine Trelawny concrete and metal scalers includes a variety of hand-held needle scalers, chisel scalers and long-reach chisels/scrapers/scalers. Many models are available with Vibro-Lo™, integrated vibration reduction technology that enables the tools to operate with up to 8x less vibration than standard models.

- Rapid removal of paint and rust
- Vacuum shroud for safe removal of hazardous coatings
- Available as a needle or chisel
- Multiple applications
- Pistol grip and inline configurations
- Range of sizes for performance
- Simple maintenance
- Low-vibration models available: up to 8x lower than standard scalers
- Perfect for scaling irregular objects
- Chisel for scaling thick rust
- ATEX models available

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