Pneumatic Chain Saw Cutting Plastic Pipe Demonstration

Pneumatic Chain Saw Cutting Plastic Pipe

4 HP Pneumatic Chain Saw from CS Unitec cuts plastic pipe up to 25" dia. with a pipe clamp. ATEX certified for use in hazardous atmospheres and wet environments.

- Pneumatic power is safer than gas or electric in hazardous atmospheres and wet environments, including underwater applications

- Low maintenance and easy startup -- saw chain and motor are automatically oiled by two separate lubricating systems

- Powerful 4 HP motor at 90 PSI air pressure, 92 CFM

- Chain brake for stopping chain movement during kickback or repositioning of saw during cutting

- 5 1027 series plastic-cutting chain saws come with integrated water feed

- .404 pitch Super Chisel saw chain is standard

- Carbide-tipped saw chains and Ripping saw chains are optional For more details on our Pneumatic Chain Saws, please visit our page.

Contact us for more information on our pneumatic chain saws or any other product: 

USA/Canada: 1-800-700-5919
International: 1-203-853-9522

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