Portable Magnetic Drill with Automatic Feed & Reverse: AutoMAB 350

Ideal hole cutting machine for steel fabricators, contractors and plant maintenance professionals

CS Unitec's AutoMAB 350 portable magnetic drill features automatic feed and reverse, making it ideal for steel fabricators, contractors and plant maintenance professionals wanting to drill more than one hole at once.

The AutoMAB 350 drills holes up to 1-1/2” dia. with annular cutters in structural steel and other metals. Drilling depth is 2-3/8” max. with a pilot pin and 4-3/8” without a pilot pin. An integrated automatic cooling/lubrication system increases the life of the annular cutters by reducing friction and wear. Designed for continuous use, the drill operates at 450 RPM. The drill’s power feed controls drill pressure to maintain optimal RPM and feed rate.

Safety features include simple arrangement of controls for one-handed operation, LED stop/start and load indicators, and an emergency-off function.

Learn more about CS Unitec's AutoMAB 350 Portable Magnetic Drill features and benefits.

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