How to Easily Remove Plaster from Walls and Floors

Removing plaster from brick walls can be both tedious and hard on the body, however when using the proper tools, one can significantly reduce time spent on the job and minimize stress on the body.

The CS Unitec Trelawny long reach scrapers are the optimal tool for efficiently removing plaster from brick walls and a variety of other surfaces.  Producing 2,200 bpm, our long reach scalers remove plaster in a fraction of the time that it takes conventional scalers to complete the same task.  With a wide selection of lengths ranging 2’- 6’, you can be sure to find the ideal sized scraper for the job whether you are removing material from walls, ceilings, or floors.


How to Efficiently Remove Plaster, Tiles, etc. with the Long Reach Scraper:

1.  Start with a 4" scraper Part Number 431.3504, this blade is perfect for large area removal of plaster from brick, stone or similar surfaces.  Use the 4" scraper blade to chip away as much plaster (or other material) as possible from your desired surface.

Pro Tip:
When using the scraper keep the blade and scraper close to the wall to apply maximum separation force. Exceeding a 45-degree angle will slow down removal and cause the scraper blade to dull faster.

2.  For harder areas that require more force to remove, switch to a 2" wide chisel Part Number 705.1106. All long reach scrapers include a quick disconnect, simply rotate to line up and release the ball bearing long, slide in the new chisel and rotate half a turn to lock the new chisel attachment in place.

3.  Once the majority of the plaster scale is removed, take out the chisel attachment and change the long reach chisel head to a needle scaler head using Part Number 415.3532. The needle scaler attachment is perfect for removing any final unwanted plaster that is hidden in cracks, corners or edges. 

Pro Tip:
Needle scaler vacuum shroud is also available for this step to reduce airborne dust.


4.  If removing plaster from an interior brick or stone wall, mortar can be used to patch holes and crumbling sections in order to make the wall more aesthetically pleasing.  Brick sealer can also be used to revamp old and crumbling brick walls, simply apply to wall using a paint or rolling brush.


Benefits of our Long Reach Scrapers Include:

- Ergonomically designed to decrease stress on body
- Three tools in one (chisel, scrapper, & descaler)
- Long reach provides increased leverage for efficient preparation of a wide range of surfaces

Watch A Demonstration:

Customer Testimonial:

Recently, Ian Harrison of Harrison Plastering used the long reach scraper to complete a project removing external render from a property’s brick walls.  When asked about the efficiency of our long reach scrapers, Ian noted that, “The Trelawny 2ft long reach tool I purchased recently is great because it’s just as powerful as the electric tools but as it’s air powered, it can run continuously without needing any breaks.  It uses such low air consumption (4.5 cfm) that I can run it off my 100ltr electric compressor which is portable and easy to get to and from jobs.” 

Ian also added that, “The different attachments are great as well, I’ve taken a combination of blades and chisels for taking large chunks of render at one time but also for chiseling off some more stubborn areas.  There’s even a needle attachment for cleaning up brick faces afterwards as well.  The tool was available ex-stock and delivered quickly in time for my first job.”  Both Ian and his client were very pleased with the end result of the render removal project, and Ian says he plans on using the long reach scraper for similar jobs in the future.

Recommended Components:

Long Reach ScraperChisel AttachmentScraper AttachmentNeedle Attachment

P/N: 136.3299 

(Long-Reach Scrapers Available in sizes 2'-6')

P/N: 705.1106

- 2" x 9" Blade Width/Length

Chisel Attachment 2"


P/N: 431.3504

- 4" Blade Width
- Pack of 5 blades (439.3504)

Scraper Image

- Long reach scraper, needle scaler conversion kit

Needle Scaler

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