CS Unitec’s New Drywall Sander Saves Time and Effort When Preparing Walls and Ceilings

Long-reach drywall sander for walls and ceilings

CS Unitec's new ELS 225.1 Long-reach Drywall Sander with VacuGlide™ prepares wall and ceiling seams with a smooth finish quickly, cleanly and with 60% less effort prior to painting, plastering or decorating.

The adjustable vacuum suction of the VacuGlide™ System holds the sander to the surface, reducing the amount of pressure that needs to be applied. This feature allows for easier guiding of the sander and reduces the perceived weight of the tool to 3.3 lbs. A spring-mounted dust shroud with sealing lip adapts to the surface, compensates for unevenness and prevents grooving when starting to sand. The ELS 225.1 extends up to 9 feet and easily adapts to angles. The lightweight sander’s balanced handle and ergonomic design allow it to be guided for long periods of time with less operator fatigue, whether working on walls or overhead on ceilings.

Dust-free sanding discs for the ELS 225.1 have vacuum holes and use a hook-and-loop backing pad. When coupled with a dust extraction vacuum such as CS Unitec's model CS 1225, these discs reduce airborne dust for a cleaner and safer working environment. The 9" disc diameter is ideal for sanding large surface areas.

Long-reach drywall sander for hard-to-reach walls and ceilings

The ELS 225.1 has a 5.5 Amp, variable-speed motor that operates from 1050-1600 RPM. Electronic features include soft start and overload protection. The sander is supplied with a transport bag, extension, brush rim and sanding pad starter kit (80, 100 and 120 grit).

Click here for more information and a demo video on this time- and effort-saving long-reach drywall sander.