Maximize Diamond Chain Life with These Hints


The cutting life of diamond chains is not guaranteed. There are many variables from job to job, including hardness of concrete, which make it impossible to accurately predict chain life.

Factors negatively affecting chain life:

  • Steel reinforcing: many pieces of large-diameter rebar cause reduced life
  • Aggregate hardness: harder aggregates cause reduced life
  • Operator experience: first-time users generally get less chain life

Cutting tips to improve chain life:

  • Use a guide bar with internal water feed
  • Tighten the chain to where it is looser than a standard ripping chain saw
  • Use a minimum of 20 PSI water pressure
  • Always cut at full throttle – slowly plunge into wall and push hard enough to cause the RPMs to drop by 25% to 30%
  • Always apply steady feed force
  • Slowly rock the bar and chain into the cut using the front mounted Wallwalker®for leverage
  • Reduce arm motions – hold saw close to body, using legs and body to apply feed force; always cut with saw between shoulders and knees, preferably at waist height
  • If saw begins to drift off the intended cut line, pull out and restart cut

Lineal feet in common wall thickness*:

Wall ThicknessLineal Cutting Feet
6 inches100 feet
8 inches75 feet
10 inches60 feet

*These numbers are rough, starting point estimates only, not for bidding purposes. Please refer to the Operator's Manual for proper safety precautions.

How to calculate inch-foot (in.-ft.)

An inch-foot (in.-ft.) is equal to the Depth of Cut in inches x Length of Cut in feet. This measurement is used to determine chain or blade life.

For example:

Calculate how many in.-ft. are in this doorway.

(1) Determine the Depth of Cut in inches.
      For this example, it is 8 inches.

(2) Determine the Length of Cut in feet.
      3 + 7 + 3 + 7 = 20 feet.

(3) Multiply the two numbers.
      8 in. x 20 ft. = 160 in.-ft.

Note for metric users: 1cm = .3937 inches and 1 meter = 3.2808 ft.

Cut ductile iron pipe and concrete with the same chain saw drive.

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