PTX Eco Smart Linear Grinding System

Learn how to obtain, maintain and protect finished or polished stainless steel surfaces with the PTX Eco Smart linear grinding system

Expansion Roller - Hard Rubber
Internal expansion slots now allow easier sleeve replacement and improved adjustment to the workpiece, as well as vibration absorption and concentricity. Part Number: 47005

To Remove a PTX Grinding Sleeve
Place the expansion roller on a round object that is slightly smaller than the roller. Then push the sleeve down slightly using both hands.

A perfect mirror finish on stainless steel and nonferrous metals
The newly developed grinding and polishing system, featuring special “TZ” Pyramid and SuperPolish fabrics from CS Unitec, produces a perfect mirror finish quickly and in just a few steps.
Step 1 – Prepare with “TZ” Pyramid sleeve A 45 (Gr 400) or A 65 (Gr 320) to remove roller scale, scratches and minor unevenness. Then rework with “TZ” Pyramid A 30 (Gr 600) and finish with A 16 (Gr 1200). We recommend that you prepare lower-quality stainless steel (with minor imperfections, etc.) or very hard material with A 06 (Gr 2000).

Tip: When grinding with “TZ” Pyramid abrasives, you must also move longitudinal and diagonally to the working direction to ensure that the material is removed evenly.

Step 2 – Use the yellow SuperPolish sleeve for the main polishing process in conjunction with preparation and finishing compound.

Important: After each step, remove the compound residue from the workpiece with PTX Brightex® Softclean Powder and a microfiber cloth.

Step 3 – Finally, use the yellow SuperPolish sleeve together with the finish polishing cream. This time, only polish in a single direction.

The result... a brilliant mirror finish!

Tip: With the pre-polishing compound you should also work longitudinal and diagonally to the working direction. This is not necessary for working with the finish compound and polishing cream.

Maintain and protect finished or polished stainless steel surfaces.

Compound and cream residues can be removed using PTX Brightex® Softclean Powder. Simply scatter on the softclean powder and wipe it off using a microfiber cloth.

Compound residues, fingerprints, dust, minor oil and grease marks and adhesive residue can be removed effortlessly with Brilliance-Clean. Any residue will evaporate immediately.

To protect finished or polished metal surfaces, spray INOX-Protect on the surface, rub off with a microfiber cloth, wipe the surface dry and then polish briefly. The surface will be protected by a dry, invisible film for several weeks. Polished finishes will not be darkened by this product. Click here for more information about these products.

Grinding and Polishing Closed Pipe Constructions
Fleece and felt belts with the patented buttonhole fastening system are ideal for working on closed pipe constructions and handrails. The grinding belt can be placed over the pipe and closed or opened again in a twist using the buttonhole system. Changing a belt is quick and easy. The belt can be opened and closed as often as required.

Closed belts such as the high-quality aluminum oxide belt or the “TZ” Pyramid belt must be cut open to work on closed pipe constructions. Place the belt over the pipe and join using our special adhesive tape (P/N 49000) over the entire length (approx. 370°).