Please choose from the list below to stream CS Unitec tool demo videos:

Surface Finishing Tools & Accessories

Create a mirror finish on Stainless Steel and other metals with one tool.

PTX Eco Smart Linear

Finish mitered corners with the PTX Eco Smart surface finisher.

Demonstration of the PIPE-MAX grinder and pipe belt sander – sand pipes or handrails from small to large diameter, up to 14"

Watch how the PTX Eco Smart surface finisher/linear grinding system is ideal for flat surfaces and open or closed pipe constructions.

Removing scratches from stainless steel surfaces with the PTX Eco Smart.

Band Saws

4" and 7" portable band saws cutting stainless steel.


Watch portable pneumatic hacksaw with clamp cut pipe - model 5 1212.

Assembly and use of pneumatic hacksaw and auto-feed clamp system to cut large pipe – setup of bow guide, installation and use of clamp.