SUNFIRE: Grind, Blend & Finish with One Flap Disc – Ideal for All Metals

Forget everything you thought you knew about flap discs!

PLANTEX® SUNFIRE CERAMIC™ discs feature a 40/60 multi-grain grit that grinds like a 40 and blends/finishes like a 60 – in all metals, from steel and stainless steel to titanium, aluminum, bronze, and more.

The SUNFIRE disc's backing plate is composed of a high-tech, fiberglass-free compound that is 70% natural hemp. It's both high strength and flexible to conform to the surface of your workpiece. Even better, the disc is easily trimmable for a wide variety of applications and use in tight spaces.

Put it all together, and SUNFIRE is one of the most versatile flap disc options on the market – AND it allows you to work safer with no harsh fumes, airborne fibers, or sharp pieces.

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