Drilling Titanium with MAB 485 Magnetic Drill

Drilling over 200 holes in the titanium wing beams of a Boeing 747 is a demanding Job - But not too Demanding for the MAB 485 Magnetic Drill 

CS Unitec's MAB 485 is a versatile, portable magnetic drill that is ideal for continuous use. Drills up to 2-1/16" dia. and tap up to 15/16" dia. Features a 10.5 AMP, double-insulated motor; intelligent electronic torque control; and a high-speed, variable-speed oilbath gearbox that is ideal for annular cutters and twist drills. Order model MAB 485 SB for a swivel base providing 20˚ movement left/right and 5/8" forward/backward.

Learn more about the Big Imagination's reinvention of a decommissioned Boeing 747 into a desert art installation where dreams can come alive!
Read more about the MAB 485 Portable Magnetic Drill's capabilities and impressive integrated features or contact us for more information:

USA/Canada: 1-800-700-5919
International: 1-203-853-9522

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