Vibro-Lo™ Low-Vibration Inline Chisel Scaler

High performance and low vibration for greater productivity and improved operator comfort

  • VL223 Chisel Scaler
  • VL223 Chisel Scaler application
  • VL223 Chisel Scaler
  • VL223 Chisel Scaler application

Applications include:

  • Removing coatings, corrosion and other accumulated materials
  • Splitting, chipping, pointing and brick raking


  • Integrated Vibro-Lo™ vibration reduction technology
  • Lightweight, easy to handle
  • Tool-free needle changeover
  • Converts to needle scaler in seconds
  • Standard scalers are available

High power with low vibration – equipped with Vibro-Lo™

CS Unitec's Trelawny™ line of Low-Vibration needle/chisel scalers offer high performance and low vibration for greater productivity and improved operator comfort. Ergonomically designed with low maintenance and quick change tooling option.

CS Unitec's Trelawny™ Vibro-Lo™ line of Needle/Chisel Scalers operate with 7x less vibration than standard models. These tools utilize vibration damping components to offset the hammer vibration created when the needles/chisels impact the workpiece.

Standard Needle Scalers and Chisel Scalers convert in seconds with optional head or when purchased as a Kit. Contact us for more information.

  • Specifications
  • Chisels
  • VL223 Kit
  • Drop Protection Kit
VL223 Inline Vibro-Lo™ Chisel Scaler
90 PSI
VL223 Chisel Scaler199.22136.52400476.33.69Yes
 Chisel Part No.ShankLengthWidthApplication 
704.1110 chisel
704.3110Square7"2"Spark-resistant Aluminum Bronze for use in hazardous areas
h logo
704.2105 Chisel
704.3205Square Cranked End7"3/8"Weld flux and thick coating removal 
704.1101 Chisel
704.3101Square7"3/4"Weld splatter removal 
704.3103Square7"2-1/2"Wide flat chisel for the removal of rust or peeling paint 
704.1107 Chisel
704.3107Square10"3/4"Flat chisel for weld splatter and sand cast cleaning 
Part Number 199.2113
CS Unitec offers Vibro-Lo™ Needle/Chisel Scaler Kits, each supplied with the Needle Scaler, 3mm needles, a chisel holder, anvil and a 3/4" blade chisel.

* Plastic carrying case not included.

Part Number 720.2003
CS Unitec offers a drop protection kit for our Vibro-Lo™ Needle/ Chisel Scalers. Protect your investment when working at heights or in applications where dropping/ losing the tool is likely, including: offshore platforms and rigs, bridges/ scaffolding, vessels and ships.
* Safety clip and line not supplied