Hand-held Cut Off Saws - Concrete

Hand-held Concrete Cut Off Saws, 14" and 18"

  • Hand-held concrete cut-off saw
  • handheld concrete saw
  • portable concrete saw
  • Hand-held concrete cut-off saw
  • handheld concrete saw
  • portable concrete saw
  • For concrete, reinforced concrete, asphalt, masonry, steel, and more
  • Adjustable blade guard for improved safety
  • 3/4" water connection for wet cutting and dust suppression
  • Up to 7" cutting depth
  • For indoor and outdoor use - No gas or engine fumes
  • Low maintenance: Rugged steel construction, in-line oiler for motor lubrication, no belts, no carburetors
  • Walk-behind concrete cut-off saw available

Ideal for sidewalk repair, pile cutting, demolition, bridge work, and pipe cutting

  • Specifications
  • Blades
  • Accessories
 Model No.
CSH 100
Model No.
CSH 125
Model No.
CSH 150
Power5 HP9.5 HP9.5 HP
RPM (No Load)525032003200
Max. Depth of Cut4"5"7"
Max. Blade Capacity14"14"18"
CFM @ 100 PSI909292
Weight (lbs.)222628

1" arbor, 1/2" NPT air connection

These diamond blades are for general purpose use with the hand-held concrete cut-off saws. There are many variations in masonry material. CS Unitec can supply the saw blade suited to the abrasiveness and hardness of your material. Please specify the application when ordering.

* u = "undercut" diamond segments for asphalt and green concrete.
* 20mm bushing is available upon request.
* A 1" arbor is standard.

SizeCured Concrete Order No.Asphalt/Green Concrete Order No.
12" x .125 x 1"734.906 (wet or dry)734.907 (wet or dry)
14" x .125 x 1"734.908 (wet or dry)711.178u (wet or dry)
16" x .125 x 1"734.916 (wet or dry)712.631 (wet or dry)
18" x .125 x 1"734.909 (wet or dry)-
20" x .125 x 1"734.910 (wet or dry)712.7213 (wet or dry)
720.125u (wet only)
14" x .125 x 1"RES.403 (rescue)-
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