PTX SuperPolish Belt (closed)

  • PTX SuperPolish Belt (closed)
  • PTX SuperPolish Belt (closed)
  • For a perfect mirror finish on pipe constructions and handrails
  • SuperPolish is a new, special micro fleece that produces a perfect, brilliant mirror finish on stainless steel and nonferrous metals
  • Smears and shadows are eliminated when used with our polishing compounds (white and blue) and pink cream
  • SuperPolish is absorbent and saves lots of work time
  • For use with grinding belt rollers
  • Not available with buttonhole fastening system


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Part No.Dimensions
49004N1.2" x 26"

tip close pipe construction

Fleece and felt belts with the patented buttonhole fastening system are ideal for working on closed pipe constructions and handrails. The grinding belt can be placed over the pipe and closed or opened again in a twist using the buttonhole system. Changing a belt is quick and easy. The belt can be opened and closed as often as required.
Closed belts such as the high-quality aluminum oxide belt or the “TZ” Pyramid belt must be cut open to work on closed pipe constructions. Place the belt over the pipe and join using our special adhesive tape (P/N 49000) over the entire length (approx. 370°).
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