PTX Fleece - Nonwoven Sleeve

Expansion Roller & Belt Sleeves

  • PTX Fleece - Nonwoven Sleeve
  • PTX Fleece - Nonwoven Sleeve
  • Nylon impregnated with abrasive grit for removing minor to medium scratch marks and oxidation coatings, matte and satin finishing and deburring applications
  • 3-1/2" dia. x 4" wide
  • Grit: Coarse, Medium, Fine, Superfine


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Part No. GritSize (dia. x width)Quantity
42010coarse (brown)3-1/2" x 4"4 per pack
42011medium (red)3-1/2" x 4"4 per pack
42012fine (blue)3-1/2" x 4"4 per pack
42009superfine (grey)3-1/2" x 4"4 per pack

Fleece Comparison
Corresponds to Grit Size
Coarse (brown)Medium (red)Fine (blue)Superfine (grey)
expansion roller
Use the expansion roller to allow for easier sleeve replacement and improved adjustment to the workpiece, as well as vibration  absorption and concentricity.
remove grinding sleeve - small
To remove the grinding sleeve, place the expansion roller on a round object that is slightly smaller than the roler. Then push the sleeve down slightly using both hands.
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